Monday, January 20, 2014

Cook's Day Off - Operation "Omelette Farcie"

Well, it's been quite a while since I've had the motivation to post anything here, but my Mom gave me a pretty solid idea.  I've been spending most of my days off cooking for myself lately, little experiments with dishes/techniques I've wanted to try, so why not document them?

For kicks, I'll include what I was listening to while cooking.  A big part of cooking (for me anyways) is having the right sountrack while you're working.  It's completely subjective, but I think it's as essential as pairing the right wine or beer with a meal.  Today I chose The Clash's "Combat Rock" album.  Mostly because it's a classic and has a great tempo for cooking, but also "Straight to Hell" will be playing right around the time it could all fall apart.

No guarantees, but I'll try to be disciplined enough to document them here on regular "Cook's Day Off" posts.  To kick things off, I decided to start with one of the many great absurdities in classical French cooking, and a pro-level egg cookery maneuver.