Sunday, August 9, 2009

Comfort Food

As summer passes, I'm really starting to miss being in Uptown Minneapolis on a daily basis. I miss gutterpunks, transvestites, businesspeople, suburban yuppies, and hippies, all wandering around the same couple square miles. Coming from a small town in southeastern Minnesota, Uptown always seemed like another planet, and still kind of does. I miss all the weirdness and eccentricity of the place. Especially since I'm spending the summer in the only place in the lower 48 that is whiter than my hometown - northwoods Wisconsin.

A weekly ritual of mine during my time in Uptown was to go to the Uptown Bar & Cafe every Tuesday for a cheeseburger I had fallen in love with - the Farmer's Glory. This enormous pile of euphoria consists of - burger, ham, bacon, cheese, egg (over easy in my case), lettuce, tomato, and lots of hot sauce (Cholula preferably). I've probably shortened my life by at least a decade for eating it so frequently, but what the hell, you only live once right? Since I haven't had an evening (much less a whole day) off in roughly three weeks, and won't be having one for what looks like at least two more, I decided to make my own Farmer's Glory for lunch today. I used seared braised pork belly as a substitute for the bacon, which only made it better, and some good Louisiana Hot Sauce, since Cholula is a little hard to come by.

What's your favorite comfort food? Why?

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