Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's Your Favorite Thing To Cook?!

The question that makes every professional cook want to jump off the nearest tall building.

Coming in a close second - "do you need a taste-tester??"

I don't have a particular favorite dish to cook.  From moment to moment it changes.  I have certain things that I love doing - making potato gnocchi and just about any pasta, butchery, sautĂ© station.

I love the smell of a seared diver scallop basted quick in a little butter.

Roasted monkfish with bacon lardons, parsnips, and beurre rouge is amazing.

I cook French-inspired regional/seasonal cuisine, but CRAVE Asian food.  I live for good fried rice and Chinese steamed buns (exactly the reason why moto-i is my favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities).

I'm one of the few cooks I know that is neither here nor there on braised shortribs.

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  1. Okay. If you're still checking responses, My favorite thing to cook is what's in front of me at that particular moment. Fish is always at the top of the list, but fresh vegetables, interesting meats such as lesser cuts, offal, fatty braisable chunks, and chicken of all things, which I have self-admittedly perfected,
    share that position. The three most delectable tender types of beef to me are: Cheeks, Oxtails, and short ribs, either here or there!

    Foie Gras, Calves Liver, Sweetbreads, Caviar, Taylor Bay Scallops, Sea Urchin Roe, Salami from my Wife's relative's cantina in Ilasi, Italy, Jersey Freakin Sweet Corn, Jersey Tomatoes, Jersey Peaches, Hanger Steak, PEI Mussels,............are you sleeping yet?

    I'm starving